18 November 2009

Outfits for Nov. 5 and Nov. 11

Once again I have a lazing around the house outfit.

Outfit for Nov  5

I am hesitant to posts lazy day outfits but I want to show people that it's ok to have lazy days. But it's possible to look and feel good on those lazy days. It's eays to throw on sweatpants or stay in your PJs all day, but I find that I feel sleepy all day, as if I never really woke up. Putting on good clothes, even on housebound sick days, makes me feel more focused and away.

When I'm not schlubbing it in a cozy sweatshirt and leggings, I'm digging some new trends. Specifically, I'm digging those sequins which are now super popular. I can't tell if they are going to be in style for the next year or if they are just in style for the Christmas season. It's hard to tell because glittery shiny things get extra attention right before Christmas. Either way, I'm going to be Liberace-ing things up for a while. I won't get a BeDazzler, I promise.

Outfit for Nov  11

Aww, the Piano Belt. Piano Belt was one of my signature items while I was in college. See, one day I wore it in front of all of my friends, as we lazily sprawled across stolen chairs in the common area.

"That's a really cool belt!" my friends said.

One particular friend spoke up, "It would be even cooler if it actually played like a piano. Then you could play a theme song every time you enter a room."

Ever since then I have not only wished my belt was capable of making music, I also have been working on a theme song. I could just settle on Star War's "The Imperial March" for dramatic effect but I want to be original. Every wanna-be evil person with a pair of speakers can play "The Imperial March".

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