13 May 2010

Free Tibet- I mean, Portal

You! Yes, you! Do you like free stuff and never win giveaways? Or are you one of those ridiculously lucky people who wins giveaways? Either way, I bet you like free stuff.

Valve has decided to released one of their most popular games, Portal, for free from yesterday until May 24th.

Yes, this is legit and not a phishing scam. No, it's not a trial or a free weekend to entice you to buy the game. It is a free game and you can keep it. If you download before May 24th, you get to keep playing Portal forever for free.

Portal is a first person shooter, puzzle solving game. You are the mute Chell, a test subject awakened in Apeture Science Labs. You use a gun that shoots portals to move blocks, reach impossible to reach places, fling yourself around with the help of physics, and listen to female version of HAL 9000 who has a dark sense of humor.

Here is howto do it (skip to step 3 if you already have Steam):
1. Go to Steam.
2. Download the Steam interface and get an account (this is always free).
3. Go here.
4. Install free game.
5. Play Portal and have fun.
6. CAKE.

Why should you get Portal?

Everyone loves Portal, in its funny, vertigo inducing goodness. Even game critic Yahtzee admitted he had no criticism for it. It's a good length of 2-3 hours, you have a gun that shoots holes through time and space, and it is like being trapped in an Apple programming factory while an iPad is trying to kill you.

Also it is a game you can play on the Mac natively. Shock and awed me too.

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