06 May 2010

Corgi (late) Tuesday: The Daily Corgi and so much more

A few months ago, I won a book from Laurie over at The Daily Corgi.

The book didn't contain corgis but do you know what was on the envelope Laurie sent me? A hand drawn cartoon corgi form Laurie! I couldn't be more thrilled than if I won a giant over sized novelty check from Publishing Clearing House. I mean, I'm checking the mail and BOOM! Corgi face brightens my day.

Hell yeah!

Know what's even better? Laurie is having a corgi themed giveaway. Send her your name and location and you might win something. And then check back every day there for more cute dogs. Who doesn't love corgi themed items, especially if they are free?

And again I apologize for the lack of updates. A combination of being busy, laziness, Valve's broken updates and cock teasing about the Engineer update, replacing a hard drive, and not having Photoshop have made updating harder than I would like to admit.

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